This Anti-Counterfeiting PSA Is Just Ridiculous

Senior Contributor
12.01.11 5 Comments

Let’s be clear about something: counterfeit goods are, indeed, a problem, do, in fact, have ties to organized crime, and are, as a rule, fairly crappy and worthless, so you shouldn’t buy them. However, the actual concerns from grown adults are due to stuff that really can kill you: fake drugs, for example, or badly constructed electrical equipment that shorts out and starts a fire. Fake medications in particular are nasty and horrible. The government, on the other hand, just doesn’t want you to buy a fake DVD because that makes the ghost of Jack Valenti sad.

Seriously, this PSA wants to convince you that buying a fake DVD means you’re part of an international crime ring that pushes drugs onto eight-year-olds before pimping them out and making their parents fight in gladitorial games. You know, because it’s simple and easy for the vast majority of Americans to find and buy a counterfeit DVD in the first place, instead of paying ten bucks on Amazon for the real thing.

Thanks, federal government! We’re so glad our tax dollars went to that!

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