This Japanese Robot Has Learned To Master The Ball-And-Cup Game While Staring Through Your Soul

Chances are you did not wake up today asking yourself how many tries it would take for a Japanese robot to master the art of the ball-and-cup game, but on the off chance you, in fact, did, the answer is one-hundred. One-hundred is definitely the answer to that question. Exactly one-hundred. Once said robot learns to put the ball in the cup every time, it will be surprisingly unsettling, and perhaps cause for concern. Haunting even.

Japan’s notorious Pepper robot is at it again, and this time, he’s out to taunt you and your uncoordinated human ways and master your silly childhood games. Developers wanted to see how many tries it would take the robot to master the art of the classic ball-and-cup game. They gave Pepper a demonstration, then left him to his own devices to figure it out. Ten tries later; nothing. Thirty tries later; lol, stupid robot. Sixty tries later; it’s just not going to happen for you, guy. Ninety tries later; ok, seriously, let’s all just go home. One-Hundred tries later; CLANK. Next try; NOTHING BUT CUP. Ten more tries in a row; YOUR HUMAN GAMES DO NOT ENTERTAIN PEPPER ANY LONGER.

Pepper did all of this with a serial killer look on his face that makes us certain inside he’s plotting our death, or how to steal our girl. It makes you wonder what else Pepper can master after 99 tries. The possibilities are endless.

(Via Gizmodo)