Have iPhone 6 Photos Leaked? TMZ Thinks So.

The iPhone 6 is all but an inevitability, and speculation is intense. And now even TMZ is getting in on the action with new photos of the iPhone 6. Or what it thought were exclusives.

TMZ does their best to make it annoying and awful, since they clearly resent being forced to cover something so insubstantial just because some neeeeeeeerds like stupid phones that, like, nobody at the TMZ offices owns, certainly not in gold, because TMZ is a classy establishment.

Seems legit, right? Not so much. 9to5 Mac points out that it’s actually an Android clone:

You can tell TMZ’s photo depict one of these clones in several ways. For one, the Home Screen is flaunting the iOS 7 layout rather than the iOS 8 organization of apps, which can be seen at the bottom of Apple’s microsite. The Health app is also completely absent, a tell-tale sign.

Even more blatant is the use of font for the text in the Calendar icon. Most icons in iOS are simply images which can be ripped out of the system firmware for these clone manufactures to exploit, but the calendar icon is actually generated dynamically (so the day and date labels can update to match the current system time). This makes it an easy way to spot clones, as the fakes are often too lazy to recreate this accurately.

While I’d love to razz TMZ about being total suckers, they’re not the first. There was a Forbes leak from nearly three months ago that pretty much features the same phone, pulling details from a Taiwanese pop star’s social media profile, and has the same case:

Also, there were similar images from the Daily Mirror back in July. So, somebody is convinced that the case is accurate, at least. Whether that’s true or not, we’ll likely find out this year; many believe Apple will announce it September 9th.