Too Stoned To Use A Phone To Order Pizza? Then ‘Push For Pizza’ Is The App For You.

They say that sometimes the most brilliant ideas are those that come to us when we barely even think, and Push for Pizza is basically all the proof you’ll ever need. The concept behind this new food ordering app that was launched yesterday is very simple – Do you think that you’re going to be in a situation where you’ll want a pizza but you won’t be able (or willing) to talk to another person? Then enter your address and payment information into this app, and the next time that you desperately need a pizza, you can just push a button on this app, and your choice of pie – only cheese or pepperoni right now – from your preferred local pizza place will eventually show up at your door, already paid for with tip.

I don’t doubt for a second that the story portrayed in that video is real, because so many of us have had conversations just like that. The only difference is that these guys remembered it. Push for Pizza, as stupid as it seems in theory, is really the perfect app for the laziest demographic, but the only way it could be better is if they made it so it played your favorite Phish album while you wait for your order. That’s, like, one whole song before your pizza arrives.