Multiple Trump Staffer Twitter Accounts May Be Tied To Private Email Addresses

Hillary Clinton’s email server was the subject of enormous scrutiny, and we discussed it, at the time, as one facet of an enormous security problem. Now, Twitter users have fact-checked Twitter handles associated with the Trump administration, and the results are not just embarrassing, but potentially disastrous and possibly illegal.

Checking somebody’s email address tied to their Twitter account is as simple as getting to the password recovery screen. And at least three accounts, including Kellyanne Conway’s official account, the Press Secretary account, and even the official Twitter feed of the President, were apparently tied to private email addresses.

Spicer’s email for the Press Secretary account appears to have changed, but it’s not clear to which address, precisely. On its own, this is an embarrassment not just because of the complaining Trump offered on the campaign trail about Hillary’s emails, but because it also follows a string of cybersecurity embarrassments ranging from Spicer tweeting out what many believe are passwords by accident and the revelation that many Trump staffers are using a private email server that was likely breached by Russian spies.

Part of the issue is that this exposes White House staff to more potential security issues. Private email is not up to federal security standards, and can easily be breached by any reasonably experienced computer security expert. And, as The Next Web points out, the trouble doesn’t stop there: A hacker on Twitter by the name of WauchulaGhost easily recovered the emails addresses tied to several Presidential Twitter feeds:

The same hacker noted that Trump’s staffers had also largely failed to implement two-factor authentication, which can offer an extra layer of security. Although Katrina Pierson, at least, seems to know about it.

Much like Trump’s unsecured Android, the risk here is fairly enormous. The DNC email hack first came about because John Podesta clicked the wrong link. Unless the Trump administration tightens the ship, we may be in for far worse than just an email leak.

(via PBS Newshour)