Turning Your Instagram Pics Into Temporary Tattoos Is A Thing Now

It’s not enough to take an awesome selfie and share it online anymore. Now you can share it on your body with Picattoo, a service that lets you turn your Instagram feed into body art. For $15, users choose 12 photos from their own Instagram account (sorry, Beyonce’s Blue Ivy pics are off limits). The Netherlands-based service will then transform them into temporary tattoos that last up to a week.

New ways for promoting narcissism are nothing new. Last year, a service called Boomf popped up that allowed users to print their pics onto marshmallows. A similar app, which launched on Kickstarter a few months ago, wants to transform Instagram snaps into nail art.

Despite all the options, the “Insta-tats” sound like a real winner. Soon enough, celebrities and tweens everywhere will have photos of Starbucks lattes, beach feet, food porn, and inspirational quotes stamped onto their foreheads.

Via TechCrunch