Twitter Will Now Let You Bookmark Tweets, But Users Aren’t Thrilled About It

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02.28.18 4 Comments


There’s a lot that could be done to improve Twitter, which just finally turned a profit a few weeks ago. But while Twitter refuses to make any changes its userbase actually wants, it will at least try to improve the site, like with the just-added feature letting you “bookmark” tweets. But, of course, Twitter’s own users immediately started demanding another feature.

To be fair, until this point, if you want to keep track of your tweets, good luck. Twitter’s search features are notoriously bad and have been from the beginning, so either you needed to keep the link on file or hope somebody retweeted it. Now, you can bookmark them:

You can also send them via email, text, and DM if you really want to be that person (do not be that person.) But, of course, like any Twitter feature debut, Twitter users had something else on their minds:

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