Uber’s President Abruptly Resigned Because Of The Company’s Messy Last Few Months


This hits just keep on coming for Uber. After a months-long stretch that has seen thousands of customers delete the ridesharing app, the company’s CEO get caught on video berating one of the company’s drivers, a massive sexual harassment scandal, some iffy ties to Trump and his economic plans, and the reveal that they were using software to skirt regulations in certain cities, Uber is once again making news for all the wrong reasons. Company president Jeff Jones has stepped down from his role, effective immediately, and early reports say that his resignation is directly tied to all the bad press.

This comes on the heels of one executive quitting because he failed to disclose sexual harassment claims against him at his last job and another getting the heck out of dodge because of that endless string of bad moves and worse news. According to Recode, Jones’ leaving is “directly related to the multiple controversies there,” that he “determined that this was not the situation he signed on for,” and worst of all that “the situation at the company was more problematic than he realized.” Not great, Bob! On top of all that, Jones only joined Uber in the fall of 2016 and is already bailing.

If Uber was hoping for a spot of good news to help them course correct from this exceedingly bad stretch, this is definitely not what they were looking for.

(via Recode)