Unpolitic.me Is Here To Save Your Facebook From The Election

10.27.12 7 years ago

It’s election season, and on Facebook, there is intelligent, civil discourse…

… Completely drowned out by people screaming at each other. We live in a world where the image macro is the most commonly distributed form of political discourse.

Most of us, of course, are adults, who can be mature and not act like a gibbering troll on a Wall. But for those of us who have to stay friends with these people, or those of us with insane relatives, there is now some salvation: Unpolitic.me.

Specifically, it’s a Chrome plug-in that scans your Facebook feed continually for anything remotely related to politics, and covers it up with kittens, or boobs, or kitten boobs. Anything you want, really.

It’s actually a riff on a previous, and just as useful, plug-in called Unbaby.me, which was designed to filter out annoying parents. But it’s just as effective, maybe a little too effective, actually, since I had to go through and unblock a few people.

But if you don’t want to deal with the unfriending and the stupid picture memes that seem to infest Walls everywhere now, this is a good alternative.

Thanks to our very own Surly Badger for the tip!

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