This Bug Will Motivate You To Update Your iPhone With iOS 10.3.3 ASAP

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For most of us, iPhone updates are something we put off. It’s not urgent, right? Surely it can wait until you’re home, or the weekend, or when you bother to remember it three weeks from now. Well, in this case, it is urgent; if you have iOS 10, you should download and update iOS 10.3.3 immediately, or you’ll be vulnerable to a frightening bug.

The update fixes a major, and scary, bug called Broadpwn. Broadpwn is a vulnerability in the iPhone’s WiFi system that can be used to hijack or misuse your phone. It doesn’t require you to accept anything or engage in any action. All a hacker really needs to do is get your phone within range of an infected WiFi point. Once that happens, your phone is officially breached. Fortunately, pulling this off is pretty hard to do, since the WiFi chip and the phone’s processor are separate, so it doesn’t appear this has happened in the wild yet.

That said, though, “yet” doesn’t mean “never,” and if you don’t accept the update to your phone, you’re vulnerable to this particular bug until you do. So, accept the update, and you’ll be fine. Easy as that.

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