Verizon and AT&T Insist You Don’t Want Unlimited Data Plans

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07.07.11 2 Comments

Today marks the day that Verizon ends its unlimited data plan, which will actually probably not annoy most people, since most people use well under 2GB on their phones. We’ll leave the complaining about net neutrality and how the fight over Internet access will become more and more important socially as time goes on to other blogs. Instead we want to laugh at the blatant lies Verizon and AT&T are trying to make us believe about what their customers actually want.

For example, Verizon’s spokeswoman had this gem:

“If you drive a car, you drive 50 miles, you pay for gas for 50 miles,” Verizon Wireless spokeswoman Brenda Raney said.

Yahoo! was polite enough to leave off the rest of the statement, “and we really hope enough people are unable to grasp how ridiculous that metaphor actually is.”

Even better is AT&T’s claim:

AT&T Inc. spokesman Mark Siegel said customers told the company that they wanted a choice instead of just having one unlimited plan for $30.

Yeah, we’d like to see those emails, guys. Somehow we think you’re not painting us the whole picture.

For those wondering, Verizon offers more data tiers and at a higher level, it’s cheaper than AT&T. Also the network will actually work. Unless you jailbreak your iPhone and take it to Sprint, which still offers unlimited plans, but that would be immoral and wrong.

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