This Supercut Of Robots Awkwardly Falling Down Proves The Cyborg Revolution Is Not Yet Upon Us

With robots delivering us cold beers, whipping up gourmet meals, running fancy hotels, and teaching our children how to write, it’s difficult not to imagine a world where these machines supplant human lifeforms entirely. Still, as inevitable as that future might be, we simple mortals can rest easy knowing that the time of our demise is not yet here — at least according to this supercut of droids at the DARPA Robotics Challenge failing miserably at their tests.

Yes, even with the most complex of algorithms and formulas at work, sometimes robots just … can’t seem to stay upright. Tough to rule the universe when you’re face-planted on the floor, ya know?

Continue the chuckles by checking out more footage of unsuccessful androids below.

(Via Engadget)