Vine, Twitter’s New Video App, Predictably And Immediately Used For Filth

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01.28.13 2 Comments

So, Twitter, you decide to present Vine, a new feature that lets users present up to six seconds of video as an endlessly looping clip. On a social media platform that already has a wee bit of a problem with people tweeting photos of sex acts. And you weren’t expecting six second porn loops because…?

To be fair, Vine doesn’t actually come out and say “Don’t post a six-second loop of you cranking your throttle, or we’re booting you off tout suite” in its terms of service.

On the other hand, Apple is generally not a fan of porno distribution:

While the NSFW content might not violate Twitter’s TOS, Apple’s App Store guidelines state that “apps containing pornographic material, defined by Webster’s Dictionary as ‘explicit descriptions or displays of sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings,’ will be rejected.”

Apple, it’s worth noting, just booted a photo app because artistically shot naked people might appear in it, and not surprisingly they want to avoid any sort of porno scandal. So odds are pretty good if Vine doesn’t clean up its act, it’s going to get yanked from the iTunes Store.

Of course, in practice what this will mean is that all the porn types and exhibitionists will just jump over to the Android version of Vine when it becomes available, since Google does not fear the boobie in its app market.

That said, six seconds? Come on, if you’ve got access to an Internet connection, you can do so much better than six seconds.

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