Here’s A Walking Machine Powered By A Cordless Drill

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Cordless drills are powerful motors, if you know what you’re doing. Tinkerers take drills apart for their motors all the time. Izzy Swan, though, might have just found the best possible use for a cordless drill, well, aside from driving screws and drilling holes; he made a walking machine out of it:

Swan’s been using drills to power his gadgets for a while, but this arguably his most ambitious. Taking his inspiration from artist/nightmare fuel refiner Theo Jansen, he created two “walking” limbs and the rest is history. It doesn’t seem to be a particularly smooth ride, and one assumes the battery doesn’t last very long, what with the drill needing to run continuously. If nothing else, it’s a more dignified way to get around than the Segway.

(Via Izzy Swan of Think Woodworks)

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