Want To Run Pizza Hut’s Twitter? You’ve Got 140 Seconds To Make Your Pitch

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03.07.13 2 Comments

Pizza Hut needs a social media manager. Apparently, speaking quickly will be a key part of the job. Also, having your resume up on LinkedIn.

Pizza Hut will be interviewing possible Social Media Manager candidates at SXSW, but you’ll only have 140 seconds to make your pitch, and the only resume you can submit will be courtesy LinkedIn:

“It’s the modern day elevator speech,” said Doug Terfehr, Pizza Hut Director, Public Relations. “The time you have to tell a story, engage a customer or leave a lasting impression on someone socially has shrunk to seconds.

It’s absolutely true that if you’re managing a social media presence for a major corporation, you need to think quickly, especially if a wild upset customer appears. But, on the other hand, Pizza Hut’s Twitter is not exactly a hard job to run, most of the time:

And let’s be realistic here, Pizza Hut. While reading a Tweet takes seconds, composing a genius tweet takes time. When Anna Kendrick talks about masturbating in a movie theater to Ryan Gosling, it’s not just some cheap throwaway gag. It’s art. Consideration went into that tweet. You can’t rush art, Pizza Hut.

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