Watch A 3D Printer Try To Build With Easy Cheese

3D printing is a glorious enterprise, largely used for silly ends. Fortunately, the time has come for it to go mainstream, now that it’s discovered its true medium and usage: building things out of Easy Cheese. Or, rather, trying to and failing hilariously. Even, it turns out, at things Easy Cheese is supposed to be good at:

This video, courtesy of tinkerer Andrew Maxwell-Parish and found by Sploid, is great. It’s almost a satire of the utopian vision of 3D printing compared to the reality, where the printer can lose the plot, your new creations can fall over, or your printing medium turns out to be less than ideal. Having toyed with 3D printing a bit, trust me, this video is far closer to the state of the art than most people at a Maker Faire are willing to admit.

One assumes Maxwell-Parish is hard at work on refining his Easy Cheese printer, and that soon we’ll see the fruits of his labors. Either that or he’s decided to work with Cheeto dust instead. That might actually be easier.