Watch This Guy Test Out His Fully-Functional Batman Suit

There are many things we all want that simply don’t exist. Iron Man armor. Mjolnir. A Green Lantern ring. Batman’s armor… wait, scratch that last one. Thanks to Jackson Gordon, a propmaker and industrial design student, a fully-functional Batsuit exists.

As Gordon notes on his website, the suit had to meet a few criteria. It had to be lightweight, it couldn’t impede his mobility, and the wearer had to be able to withstand punches, kicks, and bladed weapons. So, he made the suit out of Kevlar, high impact plastic, and impact resistant foam, and, well, you can see the results for yourself. It’s essentially a Redman suit that doesn’t slow you down.

It’s not bulletproof, or at least he hasn’t tested it for projectile resistance yet, but it’s an impressive achievement and one step closer to us running around proclaiming that we’re the night. Now, does anyone want to get that grapnel gun up and running?

(Source: Dorkly)