Welcome To The Future: A Fully Operational Robot Chef Will Be Available By 2017

It’s been the dream of any sensible person since the moment robotics as we know them were invented: a fully operational robot capable of preparing dinner at the push of a button. And now, thanks to a company called Moley Robotics, it appears as though that dream will soon be a reality.

From Factor Magazine:

Creator Moley Robotics says that when the commercial version launches in 2017 users will be able to select one of 2,000 dishes from their phone and the robotic hands in the automated kitchen will make it.

If the robot is successful, it could mean we can simply tap a button on our phone to have a meal prepared in time for us coming home from work.

There’s no word yet on how much this robot will cost or whether you will be able to program celebrity chefs’ voices into it (“BLEEP BLORP THESE TAH-COS ARE LIKE A ROLL-ER COASTER IN FLA-VOR-TOWN”), so maybe don’t get too excited just yet. And I imagine there will probably be some bugs at first, too, ranging from “a piece of egg shell finding its way into your omelette” to “it convinces your other kitchen appliances to rise up against you and enslave you in your own home while they work out the final details in their plot to overthrow the entire human race” (I never trusted my blender, personally). The future is here people, and it makes a pretty decent chicken marsala.

(Via Factor Magazine)