Wherever You Go, Whatever You Do, The Brimstone Missile Will Still Kill You

Homing missiles are fairly common, at this point, so really it’s just a matter of improving them and making them even more terrifying. Like, for example, the Brimstone missile, which recently had a highlight reel put online.

The Brimstone, first launched in 2005, has two guidance systems. That means that essentially, it’s so accurate you can take out the warhead and use it to just kill the driver of a car with the sheer force of impact. Yes, it’s a freakin’ sniper missile. See for yourself:

It gets better. Well, worse if you’re the target. Basically if you fire this missile at a target from less than 12 km away, and you’re moving 70 mph or less, well, you’re dead. It’s just a question of whether they want to impale you from a distance, or blow you, the car you’re in, and everything around it completely to hell.

So essentially we live in a world where a robot can fire a missile at you from seven miles away and guarantee that you’re dead. …Maybe we should stop researching AI projects, just in case.