A Microsoft Windows 10 Update Hilariously Interrupted A Weather Forecast

Microsoft wants you to run Windows 10 to the point that if you own a computer with Windows 7 or 8 that can run it, you will upgrade whether you want to or not. But Microsoft has taken a passive-aggressive strategy about it, running insistent popups that normally we just click out of and go about our day. Of course, it’s a little hard to do that when you’re doing a weather forecast.

Viewers in the Des Moines area were recently treated to KCCI’s Metinka Slater discovering her forecast map was largely covered by a Windows 10 update “request.” To Slater’s credit, she sees the pop-up and just rolls with it, clicking past the slide and even making fun of Windows when her presentation stutters for a moment. She also predicts the station will get letters saying they shouldn’t upgrade, although it doesn’t appear KCCI has gotten any flack for upgrading, or not, on their social-media accounts.

That said, we have to wonder what would happen if other invasive, annoying pop-ups start turning up on weather forecasts. After all, we increasingly rely on computers for everything, and the people who design pop-up alerts have zero shame. They might even see it as free advertising. So if you’re a meteorologist on TV, just go ahead and uninstall that annoying antivirus software now. It’s probably not doing you any favors, anyway.

(Via YouTube)