The Xbox One Just Got A Price Drop Ahead Of The Xbox One S Launch

With the launch of Microsoft’s newer, smaller-framed and higher resolution Xbox One S due out in August, Microsoft has decided to finally slash the price for the original Xbox One, this being the third time this year that they’ve done so. With the Xbox One S launching in different “sizes” and price points, the company is looking to move the older units off of store shelves at a rather svelte price point of $249, Polygon reports.

The first price cut since May of this year, the console comes with a 500gb hard drive and a choice of four games; Forza Motorsport 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, or Rare Replay. That is considerably cheaper than the base model for the Xbox One S, which also includes a 500gb hard drive, but at a $299 price point. Of course, every Xbox One S model will launch with 4k compatibility, which outside of the smaller size, is one of the bigger selling points.

The other two models of the Xbox One S are a 1tb version for $349 and a 2tb version for $399. If you’ve somehow not picked up an Xbox One before now and don’t have a 4k resolution television there is almost no reason not to pick up a $249 Xbox One with a free game, unless space is really a premium. Especially with Microsoft getting more friendly with how PCs and Xbox One consoles interact, the time seems to be now to hop on board of this generation.

(Via Polygon)

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