You Can Now Get Fox News on Your Xbox 360, But Why Would You?

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01.10.12 2 Comments

Steve Ballmer took to the last CES show Microsoft is throwing for a while to tell you that you still can’t access cable programming on the Xbox 360 unless you already have cable. But, hey, now you can watch cable on your 360! Yay?

But wait it’s only…Fox content, including Fox News. You know, the news network with an average viewer age of 65? Yeah, we bet that’s got the 360 crew hopping.

So, before we go any further, let’s just get this straight, Microsoft. First, you want us to pay for cable, including cable internet. That’s, let’s say, $70, although it’d be more. Then, you want us to buy an Xbox 360 for $250. Then you want us to pay $60 a year for a Gold subscription to watch this content, that we’re already paying for, on your game console.

Yeah, nice try.  We’ll stick to the $60 Roku, thanks.

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