10 Utterly Bizarre YouTube Remakes of Famous ‘SNL’ Sketches

Earlier today, I mentioned that I stumbled down a rabbit hole of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” clips last night, and only stopped when I got to one featuring Robin Williams’s Draco Malfoy hair. My time wasting didn’t end then, though, because for seemingly hours afterward, I found myself watching fan-made remakes of “SNL” sketches.

What’s the thought process like, to go from “I like this Mango sketch” to “I want to recreate this Mango sketch with my friends” to “let’s upload our recreation of this Mango sketch to YouTube”? I’m sure it says something about today’s society and technology and narcissism and blah blah blah. Whatever. None of that really matters — what does matter, however, is that someone filmed themselves impersonating Pat of “It’s Pat” fame. Here are 10 of the most bizarre fan-made “SNL” sketch remakes.

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Dislikes: 15

Best Comment: “She looked like drew berrymore..lol Gilly Italiana”

I’ve embedded this video before, but I’m so fascinated by it, I don’t mind posting it again. “Did you eat the baby diaper?”??????????!?

Likes: 14

Dislikes: 24

Best Comment: “hahahhaaa I was waiting for him to start humping.”

I would honestly be scared of the guy playing Mr. Peepers if I ever met him. There’s something a little TOO real about his impression.

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Dislikes: 15

Best Comment: “‘Lady’ performed by Kenny Rogers

This is why the Internet — and YouTube in particular — will never reach its full potential.

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Most of the other Lawrence Welk parody videos have three, maybe four people. Not this one. It’s just one girl, in front of a blank wall, wearing a Princess Peach dress. Real name: Judy.

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Best Comment: “this pure garbage i want 34 seconds of my life back.”

Oh good, a curly-haired white guy wearing gym shorts redoing Kanye West’s appearance on “SNL.” I can’t imagine why there isn’t a group of ballerinas behind him, like in the original.

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Best Comment: “Pat is just one of those people you can’t tell wether it is a man, or woman.”

Were it not for the comment above, I never would have understood “It’s Pat.”

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There are a million of these on YouTube, but this is the only to be shot in a kitchen (seemingly in the middle of a party), feature someone walking into frame while the camera’s recording and a woman impersonating Mary Katherine Gallagher, and have new dialogue. I think they made it better.

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Best Comment: “??? random but i can dig it haha.”

Later that night, the husband actually beat his wife and son, and killed himself. All because of “SNL.”

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Best Comment: “That was such a load of twaddle. Does it hurt to suck that much? Jussayin…”

This has everything you’d want in a parody: someone one who doesn’t know the lyrics to the thing he’s parodying and…well, that’s it. Maybe a dog, too.

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Best Comment: “classic”

THIS. It’s so wonderful. I can just imagine that this video took weeks of preparation over happy hour drinks at a Chili’s in downtown Omaha, and each guy (minus the one in plaid, who looks like he wants to kill himself) fought extra hard for the part they wanted. I love IT guys. No shame whatsoever.