A Contestant on 'The Price Is Right' Fell Down and Lost a Tooth, and Handled It Like a Champ

06.29.12 10 Comments

This is a clip of an older gentleman losing a tooth while running up to the stage to meet Drew Carey on “The Price Is Right.” I was watching live when this happened a few weeks ago, and I am still just as blown away by it today as I was then. My initial reaction was to feel terrible for him, because falling down is embarrassing and doing it on TV multiplies that exponentially. And — AND — he lost a tooth in the process! Good God. I would have burrowed under the stage and stayed there until I died like a sick dog. But not this guy. He laughs it off, gives Drew a big ol’ smooch, and moves right along. A+ work out there, old dude.

Speaking of “The Price Is Right” (which, for the record, I have been watching every day for the last six months), here are three of my other favorite recent moments from the show, in no particular order:

– The time a woman calmly and confidently bid $10,000 on an $800 computer like she hadn’t been to an electronics store since 1981. I backed up and watched this one no fewer than five times, half-expecting her to make a more reasonably bid at some point. Nope. Ten thousand dollars.

– The time the show did special episode where a parent and child competed together and one of the spokesmodels touched a teenage boy on the arm, causing him to have complete meltdown. He was frozen stiff and in full “HOLY SH-T SHE’S TOUCHING ME. HOLY SH-T. ACT NORMAL. HOLY SH-T. WHAT IS A REGULAR FACE HUMANS MAKE? I KNOW, I’LL SMILE. OK BRAIN, JUST TURN THE CORNERS OF MY MOUTH UP A LITTLE- WAIT, STOP! I SAID ‘A LITTLE’! NO DON’T GRIT MY TEETH AND MAKE MY EYES BULGE! OH GOD,” mode. Being a teenager is terrible.

– The time this happened:

Video via @CWBaer, GIF via @ry_hudson

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