David Mitchell And Robert Webb Of ‘Peep Show’ Are Teaming Up For A New Comedy Series

It’s been almost a year since the long-running British series Peep Show ended after nine seasons spanning the course of over 12 years. And while we may have seen the last of Mark and Jez for now (they haven’t ruled out checking back in with them after 20 years), David Mitchell and Robert Webb are reuniting for a new six part comedy series on the UK’s Channel 4.

The series comes from the mind of Emmy-winning Peep Show alum Simon Blackwell, who has also worked on Veep and In The Loop. Like Peep Show, the yet-to-be-named sitcom will be another “odd couple” style set up, and the description sounds just about perfect for Mitchell and Webb.

Mitchell plays Stephen, who finally inherits the family pub after the death of his father, a landlord and “local legend.” For Stephen, divorced and whose only achievement so far has been a “slightly disappointing pub refurb”, taking over the pub is his chance to shine. But his plans are thwarted by the arrival of the charismatic Andrew (Webb), one of a number of children fostered as a teenager by Stephen’s parents.

Andrew, who has traveled the world and can do no wrong in the eyes of Stephen’s mother and sister, wants his family back. Mitchell’s character has always resented Andrew and thinks he’s a “glib, dangerous sociopath who’s about to steal his family, his business and his life.”

The series will be airing on Channel 4 sometime next year, and after that likely headed to Netflix or Hulu in the United States, as hopes are said to be high that the series will be sold internationally by BBC Worldwide.

(Via iNews)