‘Dexter’ Season 8 Easter Egg: Cool Callback Or Recycled Bullsh*t?

If you’ve been watching the final season of Dexter, first of all: I’m sorry. I’m right there with you, brother. It’s been a lousy season, but we’re hanging on out of a misguided sense of loyalty (not that the writers deserve it) and because we want completion, as pathetic as that may be right now. We suffered through the last three bad seasons, what’s one more, right? I can’t be that bad, right? Right?

Oh God, it is that bad. But last week’s episode actually had an Easter Egg of sorts. You know the rambling interior monologue of Dexter’s that the writers used to use to inform a scene, but now use simply to restate the scene and fill space? Well, at the end of the last week’s episode of Dexter, the final interior monologue may have sounded familiar.

This is last week’s monologue juxtaposed with the monologue in the first season finale.

Now, if Dexter were a good show, I might say that it was a very cool callback. But Dexter doesn’t get that benefit of the doubt. Hearing it, I’m more inclined to believe that one of the writers was at a loss for what Dexter should monologue here, and instead of coming up with something new and original, this writer went back through some old scripts, found something that might fit, changed a few words around, and basically cribbed from the series.

It’s not a callback. It is self-plagiarization.