Dr. Phil Can’t Be Bothered To Wait For Another ‘Making A Murderer’ Season, Interviews Steven Avery

Dr. Phil might be keeping busy shepherding a show based on his life to the screen (it might not be good, but its a show based on his life so he’s probably pretty happy about that) but in his free time he is still managing to focus on engaging interviews for his long-running talk show. The latest, and one that might capture a younger audience more than many others in his rotation, is with Steven Avery himself. Avery, the subject of the uber-popular Netflix documentary Making A Murderer is currently in jail for the murder of Theresa Halbach. So it should be no shock to those paying close attention that Avery probably won’t be visiting Phil on set in-person.

But while it’s true that Steven Avery won’t be swinging by the studio anytime soon (although his nephew Brendan Dassey could be if the state’s appeal of his overturned sentence fails), he will be calling in from prison to talk with the TV personality. According to Deadline, Avery’s conversation will touch on such topics as “his pending nuptials and his infamy…to his hope that actor Brad Pitt portray him in a film about his life.” While that last wish might seem unrealistic, it’s only fair to devote the same amount of time and energy towards convincing Pitt to step into the Wisconsin-ite’s shoes for a movie adaptation as everybody did attempting to send Brendan to WrestleMania.

The most important piece of the interview will be the presence of Lynn Hartman, a legal secretary who also happens to be Steven’s new fiancé. The couple only met a few weeks before they made their recent engagement official so audiences will get to see how the pair interacts (even if its over the phone) long before the second season of Netflix’s show hits the air. We won’t know what the exact content of the interview is until it airs early next week, but the sit down will go a long way towards satisfying fans’ cravings for more information about the case until Netflix and the documentary makers pull together all the material required for a great second season.

(via Deadline)