Ten Questions We Have Going Into The ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Finale

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09.28.15 28 Comments

After an inconsistent first four episodes of Fear the Walking Dead, this week’s penultimate episode, “Cobalt,” gained solid forward momentum as it headed toward the season finale. It appears as though next week’s episode will finally put the zombies back into the zombie series.

On the other hand, Fear the Walking Dead also seems to have completely changed course. It was pitched as a series about the initial days of the zombie outbreak, but after three episodes, Fear the Walking Dead jumped past the initial chaos and confusion and right into a storyline we might expect from The Walking Dead, with humans being pitted against other humans instead of humans being pitted against zombies.

Granted, it’s made Fear the Walking Dead into a better series, but the show is quickly losing what made it different from the mothership.

That quibble aside, “Cobalt” (which was the original working title of the series) got the ball moving toward what hopes to be a very exciting finale. Here are the questions we most want to have answered next Sunday night. Pay special attention to the final question, because it may offer hints toward a twist in the finale.

1. What is “Cobalt?”

As Andrew explained, Cobalt refers to a mission in which the military will evacuate from the Los Angeles base. The mission includes “the humane termination of…” Who the military is terminating is somewhat unclear, but it seems fairly likely that they’re meant to exterminate everyone — all the citizens, including those in the medical compound, in the safe zones, and anyone who is left. The military has decided that the infection cannot be contained, and they’ve decided to cut their losses, and kill everyone.

We don’t know what’s going on in the rest of the world right now outside of Los Angeles, or whether it’s better contained in other cities, but if this is the strategy nationwide, it would certainly explain why most of the nation’s population had been eradicated by the time Rick woke up from his coma in The Walking Dead.

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