Is This The Most Cinematic Shot In Game Of Thrones History?

This season of Game of Thrones has featured some pretty intense moments, and I’m sure there are more in store for us come Sunday with the season finale. But if there’s one happening that stands above all others in hype and excitement, it’s got to be the White Walker battle at Hardhome from episode eight.

Hardhome takes up the final thirty minutes of the episode, with 20 of that being the battle against the undead. And during the battle we get 18 seconds of cinematography gold — a single shot of Jon Snow rushing from one side of the encampment to the other — that really gives you a feel for how big the fight is.

Whoever’s in charge of the action scenes north of the Wall deserves a raise and a bunch of awards. Season four’s wildling attack at the Wall had some similarly epic moments but this one right here takes the cake for most cinematic Game of Thrones shot so far. Will they top it for the season finale? They just might, which is what makes tuning into the show every week so exciting.