Jimmy Fallon And Kevin Hart Giggle, Shriek And Fart Their Way Through A Haunted House

Entertainment Editor
10.14.16 3 Comments

It’s that time of year again when the masses dress up in their spookiest and or sexiest outfits in an effort to get free candy. It’s quite a racket, and with that short window when you can get free candy comes a month or so when you can pay money (that could be spent on candy) to be scared by trained professionals. Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart are the latest in the long line of people who are getting scared, and then are using their spooks to get lulz.

Kevin Hart, promoting his impressive stadium comedy show, strapped on a Go Pro with Fallon and made his way through The Blood Manor, New York’s self-described “scariest haunted house.” Was that not Trump Tower? No? Alright. Low hanging fruit. Sad!

As Jimmy and Kevin make their way through the house, the typical Fallon giggles are met with shrieks of horror and joy, until Kevin Hart reveals the scariest thing of all: he has gas, and he’s been tootin’ every time something jumps out at them. This crop dusting is no doubt a natural defense mechanism that lingers with the haunted house employees long after Hart is gone around the corner, and in the end, they are the ones who have to deal with an evil hanging heavily in the air around them.

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