‘Making A Murderer’ Subject Brendan Dassey’s Brother Released A Rap Song Called ‘They Didn’t Do It’

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In the event that you’ve been living in an underground bomb shelter for the past several weeks, I’ll catch you up with these quick “spoilers” of a real-life event: Netflix has a new original series called Making a Murderer, and it’s everything. The true crime docu-series chronicles the plight of Steven Avery, a man falsely convicted of a sexual assault who spent 18 years in prison for the incident. After DNA evidence exonerates him, he’s championed as a figure for false imprisonment, and on the road to suing the seemingly corrupt police department that put him behind bars, only he gets accused again, this time for murder. Avery, and his nephew Brendan Dassey, are both currently serving sentences for the murder of Teresa Halbach, but the details surrounding their imprisonment are sketchy at best. Anyway, watch the show — it’s fascinating.

Someone who doesn’t find the ordeal fascinating is the half-brother of Dassey, Brad. Brad is a religious rapper, and just this week, he released a track called “They Didn’t Do It,” which professes the innocence of Avery and his brother Brendan. Rapping, “Cops were only there just to prod and poke,” Brad — who wrote on his Soundcloud that he spent 10 hours forging the song — spits bars about his family members who are supposedly unjustly behind bars. Listen to the track below.

(via Vulture)

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