Watch Malala Yousafzai Beat Stephen Colbert With A Sneaky Card Trick

Human rights advocate and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai showed off a hidden talent when visiting The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Their full interaction was delightful, and it’s nice to see 18-year-old Yousafzai taking a load off. She certainly deserves some levity after all she’s endured with such remarkable resilience.

Three years ago, Yousafzai survived being shot point blank (in the head) by the Taliban, who didn’t approve of how she advocated education for young girls. She miraculously survived and continues her crusade of inspiring women across the globe. Yousafzai remains the youngest person to ever win a Nobel Prize, and Time named her one of its 100 Most Influential in 2013. Her spirit cannot be defeated, and not even a pesky deck of cards can get in her way.

Now, after this week, we’ve learned that Yousafzai is excellent at fooling talk show hosts as well. This clip shows Colbert performing a respectable card trick, to which Yousafzai responded, “You found the right person because I really believed you!” Then she followed up with a superior card trick, which shouldn’t be spoiled. The clip is well worth watching in its entirety. This young woman will surely have more tricks up her sleeve in the future.