Mark-Paul Gosselaar Will Appear In An Episode Of ‘Happy Endings’

10.23.12 6 Comments

As if I weren’t excited enough for the new season of Happy Endings to start tonight, Entertainment Weekly dropped a casting bombshell on us last night that many influential members of the television blogosphere (read: me) are calling “huge” and “a game-changer” and “OMG YOU GUYS YOU GUYS”: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, star of the two greatest television shows in history (Saved by the Bell and Franklin & Bash), will appear as a guest this season:

EW has learned exclusively that Mark-Paul Gosselaar has been cast as Max’s “new mysterious roommate” named Chase on ABC’s Happy Endings. Gosselaar, who also appears on TNT’s recently renewed Franklin & Bash, will guest in episode 10 of the new season, which returns for a new season tomorrow. [EW]

First Hip-Hop Squares, then a syndicated action series starring Dolph Lundgren as a “reluctant hero” in charge of an elite, multi-agency task force, and now Mark-Paul Gosselaar — ZACK MORRIS AND PETER BASH HIMSELF — guest-starring on one of my favorite comedies on television (which, by the way, I will be recapping for this website beginning tomorrow)? This just furthers my belief that all of television is slowly being marketed to me and me alone, which is a perfectly normal and healthy thing for a person to believe, and not at all a sign of developing mental illness.

Two other bits of Happy Endings-related news before I go: One, Casey Wilson and Adam Pally were on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast this week. I haven’t gotten through the whole episode yet, but I feel like it’s something you might want to know about. And two, I love this scene with all of my heart (and parts of some of my other organs, too).

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