Casey Affleck Goes Full Boston On ‘SNL’ To Give Real Dunkin Donuts Customers Some Spotlight

Casey Affleck takes a page from his brother’s SNL playbook and turns up the dial on that Massachusetts persona to celebrate a classic fixture of early morning life: Dunkin Donuts. It might not be Tim Hortons but, you can’t go wrong with Dunkin, especially if you’re a scumbag who likes to hang out, smoke, and throw coffee at people. Nothing wrong with that, scumbags know how scumbags do.

It’s a fine way to start the night, though, and gives Affleck something funny to after an odd monologue and even odder live sketch to follow. Not to mention, I’ll take any mention of Dunkin Donuts on national television. I miss the old commercials for Dunkin, I love the donuts at Dunkin, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be dead within three years thanks to Dunkin. Also they have pretty good coffee, much better than Starbucks and I don’t care what they say about it behind my back.

You do have to like how Affleck is putting those straight-laced stereotypical commercial people on blast. They really deserve it, hanging around and talking about how Dunkin Donuts makes their commute and holiday better for some reason. Fake if I ever saw it, honestly. Get a donut, a pricy sausage sandwich, a coffee, and go about your day.

(Via Saturday Night Live)