The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Cast Has Stayed Busy Since The End Of The Show

Once SAMCRO, forever SAMCRO. You know, unless you do something completely unforgivable and get kicked out, which is saying a lot for a motorcycle club where having a criminal record is pretty much required. But for those who didn’t get kicked out, it’s something you live with forever. That goes for both the people directly involved with Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy and the fans who got completely caught up in the story and became a part of it, as well.

Since the show rode off down the highway this past December, fans still aren’t ready to let go. The demand is so high that Sutter’s even confessed to planning a possible prequel about the origin of SAMCRO and a spin-off that focuses on the Mayans.

While fans are still holding on to fond memories of the FX series, the actors who played some the most beloved and despised Sons Of Anarchy characters have gone on to the next chapters of their respective careers. Some have followed Sutter on to his next FX series, The Bastard Executioner, but other members of the Sons Of Anarchy cast have ended up scattered all over the place.

In case you were wondering what they’ve been up to, here’s a list of Sons of Anarchy actors and what they’ve been up to since they left the show.

Charlie Hunnam

After playing Jax Teller for seven seasons, it’s no surprise that Charlie Hunnam is a highly valued asset in Hollywood. The first project SOA fans will be able to see him in is Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak, which is their second time working together with the first being Pacific Rim. After that, the England-born actor will head back to his native land to play King Arthur in Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur. Then he’ll portray Percy Fawcett, the British explorer who went into the Amazon rainforest to mysteriously never be seen again.

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal has a role in The Bastard Executioner as Annora of the Alders, a mystical being with the ability to tell the future and concoct potions in the new show from her husband, Kurt Sutter. We’re not calling her a witch, but there’s a pretty good chance that she’s playing a witch. She also recently appeared in Pitch Perfect 2 and lent her voice acting to The Regular Show and The Simpsons, reprising the role of Leela in a Futurama crossover.

Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman played Clay Morrow, a character who often went back and forth between being a respectable villain and someone you just wanted to see bad things happen to. But since moving on from SOA, Perlman’s gotten his own Amazon series where he plays a corrupt judge called Hand of God and has appeared in Blacklist along with fellow SOA alum, Michael Beach.

Bad news, he isn’t really into the idea of making a third Hellboy film. Good news, he’s willing to make the sacrifice for the fans. Let’s see how that works out…

Maggie Siff

The woman commonly known as Tara – Jax sure yelled it enough – has moved on to get a leading role in a film of her own. A Woman, A Part tells the story of Anna Baskin, a 44-year-old actress who uproots her successful career to rediscover who she is by moving back to New York City. She also plays Wendy Rhoades in the upcoming Showtime original series Billions, where she and her husband (Paul Giamatti) take on a corrupt investor named Bobby Axelrod, and she briefly reappeared in the “Severance” episode of Mad Men as Rachel Menken during its last half season.

Tommy Flanagan

While he was one of the most consistently adored characters on SOA as Chibs, Tommy Flanagan went straight to ABC’s Revenge to play a villainous arms dealer named Malcolm Black. He’s also going to have a role in a 2016 film entitled Running Wild, where a group of convicts help a widow reign in a group of wild horses that ended up on her property. That’s pretty much all we know about that so far, though.

Kim Coates

Kim Coates is switching sides in his next role as he plays Officer Downe in the same-named Shawn Crahan-directed film adaptation of the comic book. Coates will play a supercop who’s repeatedly brought back from the dead to fight more crime, according to EW. He’s also set to reprise his role as Ronnie Hortense in Goon: Last of the Enforcers.

Theo Rossi

Juice was the little brother of SAMCRO, and that’s how he came to be viewed until he started screwing up left and right with dire results. Rossi has a role coming up in When the Bough Breaks, a psychological thriller where a couple uses a surrogate to have a child. He plays the surrogate’s fiancé, according to Deadline. He’s also been cast in a film entitled Low Riders about just that, and he’s working with Nicholas Carmona to create films and series under their Dos Dudes Pictures umbrella, such as Bad Hurt (2014).

Ryan Hurst

Raise your hand if you didn’t realize Opie was played by the guy from Remember the Titans until three seasons into the show. Oh, just me? Never mind then. Anyway, Opie was the best friend who we all wished we had. And after he left the show, we had to see more of him. So, he got a recurring role in TNT’s short-lived King & Maxwell in 2013 as the assistant to the titular characters. Then he got a recurring role as Chick Hogan in the most recent season of Bates Motel.

Drea de Matteo

With a majority of her most notable work coming from television series such as SOA and The Sopranos, Drea de Matteo has gone on to work both on the small screen and the big screen since leaving Charming. She played an exotic dancer in the book-turned-movie Dark Places, and then played a deadly finger-nailed villain in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. named Karla Faye Gideon.

Walton Goggins

You can’t have an SOA list about anything without mentioning Walton Goggins’ portrayal of Venus Van Dam, a transgender prostitute who brought out some of the show’s most touching moments. Venus went on to become a fan favorite for many. Since SOA bid us all farewell, Goggins went on to American Ultra and will play a role in Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight.

Billy Brown

Billy Brown may not be a recognizable name to you, but you know him as soon as you see him. He was introduced as Pope’s right-hand man and eventually worked his way up to become the new Pope, and a key part of the criminal enterprise that swirled around Charming. Brown is doing things a little different now, though, playing Detective Nate Lahey in Shonda Rhimes’ How to Get Away with Murder.

Timothy V. Murphy

The man who earned a reputation for being an Irish arms dealer in Sons of Anarchy is switching things up and playing a priest in The Bastard Executioner. Timothy V. Murphy will play Father Ruskin in the first season of Kurt Sutter’s latest brainchild, which premieres tonight, Tuesday, September 15 on FX.