The CW Is ‘Redeveloping’ Its Small Screen Adaptations Of ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Weaveworld’

The CW hasn’t given up hope on its plans to adapt the Nicholas Sparks tearjerker The Notebook into a proper television series, but a few adjustments are going to be made if it does bubble up on the schedule.

Deadline reports that the book-turned-movie-turned-possible-series is set to undergo redevelopment. The small screen Notebook will see a change in the writing department, although we suspect that doesn’t mean the show is now about trade practices in 1870s Brazil. The project focuses on Noah and Allie “as they build their lives against the backdrop of post-World War II-era racial politics, economic inequities and social mores.” There’s probably also a Ferris wheel or bit of rain in the mix too. That’s just speculation on our part, mind you. The CW has already given pretty much everything on the current slate a renewal, so that could bode well for The Notebook‘s time buffer as it sorts out what its TV incarnation is going to be like.

It’s also not the only adaptation that has the network seeking some tweaks. The channel’s episodic take on Clive Barker’s 1987 novel Weaveworld (which is a smidge different in subject matter than The Notebook) is getting a new writer as part of its redevelopment route. The amount of special effects wizardry expected of such an adaptation makes the project a bit daunting, but Deadline reasonably notes that primetime has its share of fare these days with a digitally enhanced touch so it’s not quite the herculean task it once was.

What can you expect from Weaveworld? Here’s the bluffer’s guide.

Barker’s 1987 novel Weaveworld is set in 1980s England and revolves around The Seerkind – a race of people with the capacity to invoke magic. The book received a contemporary makeover in the CW adaptation this season, centering on an app designer teaming up with a young pastry chef destined to be guardian of a mythological realm in an epic battle against evil for control of a magical world.

Ideally, a Notebook/Weaveworld crossover can be woven out of this if both shows make the leap to officially airing status. Until then, it’s up to the terrifying world of Sparks + Barker fan-fiction to fill the gap.

(Via Deadline)