No Starks Allowed: A U.K. Village Is Renaming Itself Kings Landing

After realizing that it’s been far too long since anyone has seen a good ol’ fashioned beheading, and to capitalize on the upcoming release of Game of Thrones season three on DVD, a village in the U.K. is renaming itself from Kings Langley to Kings Landing next month. And thus begins Kings Langley three-stop plan to making incest legal.

An executive producer of the hit TV show heard Kings Langley read out as a stop while waiting for an Inter-City train at Euston and contacted Dacorum Borough Council to organise the name change.

Kings Landing is the main city in the TV show and Susan Lea at Dacorum Borough Council said she hopes businesses and restaurants will get involved during the week beginning February 17. (Via)

I’m not saying Kings Langley is run by someone named Joffrey Joffreyson, but I’m not saying it’s not, either.

(Via the Watford Observer)