These ‘Walking Dead’ Characters Would Have Worn Red Shirts On ‘Star Trek’

The basic idea behind “red shirts” on classic Star Trek episodes is that they are expendable, introduced solely to be killed off. While they may not actually wear red shirts on The Walking Dead, it’s still plenty easy to spot the them among the true survivors on the show. Often introduced only to be eaten (or stabbed, or shot in the face) shortly after, here are some well known “red shirts” from The Walking Dead.

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD if you consider the death of a tertiary character a spoiler. Also, most of these clips are pretty brutal.


In season one, we ALL knew Amy was only there to set Andrea’s dark spiral in motion, which is just what her death did.


Being a fat guy who is a bad shot during the zombie apocalypse does not bode well for survival rates, as Otis proved in season two. The irony was that his true downfall was being paired with Shane.

Big Tiny

Did he just get zombie scratched? Wow, what a hilariously insignificant way for a man named Big Tiny to be taken out.


There was a real sense of palpable tension between Rick Grimes and Tomas when they met in the prison in season three. It was a very dark time in Rick’s life and Tomas ended up taking a machete to the skull like a champ.


I know, T-Dogg stuck around a lot longer than most “red shirts,” but we always a matter of when, not if.

Pretty Much All Of Woodbury

If you were a resident of Woodbury and not the Governor, you may as well have been ensconced in crimson.


Trying to feed Rick to your zombie boyfriend is  a good way to last only one episode.

In the grand scheme of things in the TWD universe though, no one is safe…