What We’ll Miss The Most About ‘Parks And Rec’ Based On Last Night’s Episodes

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01.28.15 30 Comments
Every week during this unfortunately abbreviated final season of Parks and Recreation, we’ll count off the things we’ll miss the most about that goddamn delight of a TV series. It’s an all-time great sitcom in its seventh year; there’s no reason to pick it apart and criticize things it MAYBE could have done differently. I’d rather just enjoy seeing Amy Poehler and Chris Pratt on my television screen for as long as they’ll be there. Which is only four more weeks. Oh god.


1. Leslie’s obsession with her hero, Joe Biden.

2. When random Parks writers appear (this is Mike Scully; you can briefly see Joe Mande, too).

3. In the grand tradition of “Burt Macklin” and “Janet Snakehole” comes brand-new aliases “Darlene Johansson” and “Gregory Strong.” (I’m feeling Darlene’s glasses and Gregory’s hat.)

4. Whether it’s Paunch Burger or Sweetums, Parks has always distrusted the way businesses poison the Earth, literally and/or figuratively, and now they’re coming after the Google-like Gryzzl, whose company motto is, “Wouldn’t it be tight if everyone was chill to each other?” (Pretty sure that’s a Beach Boy quote). And by “tight,” they mean, “down with us spying on your shiz.”

5. I can’t believe it took seven seasons for a The People’s Court parody called The Perdple’s Court, and that more likely than not, we’ll never see it again. WE DEMAND MORE JUDGE HAMMER (“gavel”).

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