‘Work It’: The Most Insultingly Stupid Sitcom of the Year!

“Bosom Buddies” debuted in 1980, and survived only two seasons on network TV — before cable made it hard for network TV shows — largely due to the charm of Tom Hanks, who is merely one of the most talented actors of his generation.

Now, more than 30 years later, ABC will air another men-in-drag comedy called “Work It.” There’s a promo embedded below, and it’s the intellectual equivalent of ABC executives collectively spitting in your face. Three decades ago, I could maybe believe that two guys would dress as women to live in a female-only residence. In 2011, the premise is that two down-on-their-luck men cross-dress in order to get jobs that go to women:

With unemployment an ongoing issue and women now outnumbering men in the workforce, the new comedy series “Work It” follows two alpha males who realize the only way to beat the current “mancession” and land a job in pharmaceutical sales is to pass themselves off as women. [ABC]

Their embarrassingly poor drag acts not only fool people with (presumably) eyes and common sense, but apparently also land them the jobs ahead of ACTUAL women. Watch the preview and marvel at how stupid ABC thinks you are.

It’s so nice to know that ABC shelved “Cougar Town” in order to air this.