Uproxx Editorial Guidelines

Uproxx is a news and culture platform for the digital generation. Our team delivers a mix of long-form and short-form news, entertainment, music, and sports content. Shorter pieces provide trending news that people want to know about delivered in an authentic, distinctive voice. Longer stories shade in missing details, answer bigger questions, and/or expand the reader’s knowledge base. No matter the platform (video, audio, photo, written), expect Uproxx to deliver cultural reference and connection points you likely won’t find anywhere else.

About Our Editorial Coverage

  • We lean progressive and often filter the things we publish through a progressive lens.
  • We’re critical from a position of disappointment, not disdain.
  • We know that our opinions are our opinions and not fact.
  • We rarely do parody.
  • We try our best to not stretch the truth to our liking — to make a point or to tell a joke.
  • We realize that we’re not going to be right all of the time, but we’re going to try to be right as often as we can in service to our readers.

How To Contact Us

For tips, corrections, or general outreach, feel free to email tips@uproxx.com and our team will review.

Branded/Sponsored Content Policy

Any and all content created by Uproxx at the request of a brand in exchange for compensation — whether the brand had direct influence over the finalized, published product or not — is prominently marked in the byline and/or title card.

Policy on Press Trips and Events

Like most other outlets operating in the modern media landscape, Uproxx occasionally accepts invitations for hostings and press trips in which some or all of the travel expenses involved are covered by brands, networks, studios, etc. We do this solely to facilitate storytelling opportunities that we believe would benefit our audience, and that we might not be able to do otherwise due to the expense involved. More on our policy regarding press trips and hostings can be found here.

Info on Relationship With Warner Music

Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group. WMG does not influence what we cover, who we cover or how we cover anyone or anything.

Privacy Policy

Review our full privacy policy here.