10 'Highdeas' and Questions People Have Had About Music When They Were Stoned

Yesterday, BuzzFeed introduced me to Highdeas, a website where people under the influence of marijuana, a.k.a. stoners, burnouts, potheads, etc., can post ideas they had when they were high. When they were high. When they were high.
Predictably, there’s a lot of crap about how weed should be legal in the U.S., but if you look around long enough, you’ll find some – to quote every herb-inhaler ever – crazy sh*t, man. My favorite general topic on Highdeas is about music, and the questions ganja groupies ask and their recommendations for how to make it better. IT HAS THE POWER TO HEAL. Here are 10 of my favorite ideas-while-high (now I get it!), with an Afroman rating scale for how much I like the thought. The more Afromans, the better!
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“Island music versions of all music”

I wish that all the music I want to listen to stoned but isn’t chill enough also came in an island music version. Imagine DFA1979, Crystal Castles, LCD Soundsystem, Muse, etc etc, but all island music-ified. Awww yeah.

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“Music Publications Make Yourself Useful and Review your music twice…”

Once while stoned, and once while straight. Also if you name the strain you used. Best of all it is considered a business expense.

“LoUd MuSiC”

I was tying to figure out a way to get enough ampage* to play a song so the entire country could hear it. It was to much to think about, so I thought itd be easier if I came on here and told you all to Listen to Cherokee Mist by Jimi Hendrix. It will fuck the shit out of your virgin ears if u havent heard it, so … LISTEN TO IT!

“Music Shmusic”

You know how nothing rhymes orange? Does anything rhyme with music? Real words I mean.

“music for dogs”

i was outside with my dog earlier and could hear a radio playing. then i looked at my dog and wondered ‘what does music sound like to dogs?’– is it like when you hear a foreign language? i ponder this vigorously.

“How to make the world’s coolest music video”

Okay so if I ever become super balling and can make a music video (which probably won’t happen but w/e) I want to make it so fucking ridiculous that everything is as fucking weird and unexplainable as shit must be to a dog or an animal stuck at the zoo with lights and noises and unexplainamafuckinbility. Pretty much what it looks like to trip balls. I’m thinking black and white while I start to smoke a blunt that releases color. thennnnn just prob butt load of sexy bitches :)

“Music on a new level”

Imagine getting high as billy hell and laying in a deprivation tank. Except you are allowed to hear sounds in this tank, but you can only listen to your favorite song or band. To simulate this, i got baked as fuck when i was alone at home in the middle of the night. I laid down in my bed, put the sheets over my whole body and put on isolation headphones. I listened to so much music and had the best time ever. My body actually felt the music. For example, i got warm at excited parts, i got goosebumps at other parts, and i would actually scream with joy sometimes. The visuals behind my eyelids were unreal as well. I suggest that you ALL try this! A good song to try is “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson. Even if you don’t like MJ, this song will absolutely spark some imagination.

“Bags of weed that play music”

I know its impossible (probably) but how sick would it be if when you bought a bag of weed, every time you opened the bag up to pack a bowl it played theme music, and that theme music would be the correct genre of music to listen to while smoking that particular type of weed..I would enjoy that. Plus it would just get you in the mood no matter where you’re at or what’s going on.

“BEST highDEA! . . As far as Music goes”

How fantismal would it be if you could hear The Beatles performing Oasis’ Don’t Look Back in Anger. oh man.. I wish I wish.

“Can music be destroyed?”

So stay with me on this. Sound is a form of energy right? Now I’m not exactly sure but I don’t think that energy can be destroyed. Therefore if this is true, what happens to all of the music that is played through headphones and speakers all of the time?? Does it just transfer into the air? An if it does can the earths atmosphere ever be completely full of music and sound? Also what would happen with this excess music… Would the earth atmospher just explode with it’s pressure???? This is blowing my mind