100 Inexplicably Funny Google Search Result Suggestions

I don’t find myself using search engines that much, what with my already complex and vast knowledge of anything and everything, but on occasion I’m forced to use Google in case I need lessons in how to do something practical like remove a bullet from my arm or save a wounded animal from predators or raise children. In my random Google searches I’ve never actually witnessed an odd suggestion, but according to many of the Internet sites that I frequent in my neverending quest to accomplish negative office productivity, Google is one seriously strange mamma jamma when it comes to offering suggestions.

I wanted to get to the bottom of this so I called my good family friend Thomas R. Googlemeyer and it turns out that he has been lying to me all these years about being the heir to the Google empire. Now I’m starting to wonder if my friends Joseph L. Oracleberg and Sarah Tumblrtwitter have been lying to me, too. Regardless, I did some snooping around some of my favorite sites like Holy Taco, Mashable, the aptly named Funny Google Searches, The Daily Contributor, Wire Smash, and Vashtie, as well as a few Inception-like Google searches, and I put together this list of 100 head-scratching and humorous Google search result suggestions.