101 Unusual, Impressive And Illegal Pieces Of Defaced Currency

As an international playboy gentleman spy I’ve been known to frequent some of the classiest and most exquisite bars in the world. For example, I recently went to a bar that was decorated wall-to-wall in American dollar bills. As if this wasn’t already the ultimate example of luxury, these dollar bills even had messages written on them. What better way to display your wealth than by using the most basic unit of cash to sketch the breasts of a girl you just met or to brag about your college fraternity or to tell a professional athlete that he can suck it?

This visit got me wondering if there were other jetsetter scamps like myself out there with disposable income and multi-colored Sharpies, and you bet your bill fold that we’re not alone. At some of my newest favorite sites like Collection Studio, Visboo, Defaced, Slummo, If It’s Hip It’s Here, Deviant Art, The Heist, Greedmont Park and Heated Fornication, I found more than just dollar bills with messages written on them. I found artwork. Granted, it’s artwork that is considered a federal crime and in no way do I condone the desecration of American cash, but let’s say for entertainment’s sake that it is pretty cool. On that C-note, enjoy this gallery of defamed currency.

(This and a few other pieces are from a collection by tattoo artist Scott Campbell, who carves designs into stacks of cash. It’s a little bit more impressive than simply drawing Spider-Man over George Washington’s face.)