The Most Eye-Opening Best Of Behind-The-Scenes Photos


Angus R Shamal is a photographer in Amsterdam who recently put together a stellar collection of behind-the-scenes movie photography in the blog portion of his website. In fact it’s so stellar and got so popular so fast his server crashed before I finished putting this together the other day.

I encourage everyone who appreciates film to check out the full collection because it’s a real testament to the time and effort that used to go into movie making before you could just CGI the hell out of Optimus Prime or Jar Jar Binks. The whole thing really reinforces why I think 90% of 21st century movie making sucks. Eat that fat one everyone who’s ever called me overly critical!

Director haterade aside (not you Nolan, xoxo) the other super cool thing about the collection is how eye-opening some of the behind-the-scenes photography is when put in context with the scenes/movies they were filming. With that in mind I’ve handpicked my favorite eye-openers and sprinkled in mildly amusing one-liners for your surfing pleasure.

Source: Amgur Shamal