15 Times You Might Have Seen Jon Hamm On Television And Didn't Even Know It

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You’ve probably found yourself watching an old TV show at one time or another and asked, “Is that handsome fella Jon Hamm?” Well, if you were watching a TV show that never made it past two seasons and aired on CBS or the WB, then it most certainly was Jon Hamm.

Well, today is Jon Hamm’s birthday so what better time to take a look back at the years before he became Don Draper and was just another struggling actor pigeonholed into the role of “random handsome guy”? Hamm might not have the Murder, She Wrote cred of Bryan Cranston, but this list of blink-and-you-will-miss-him parts on forgotten series is still impressive.

1. Ally McBeal, Gorgeous guy at the bar — 1997
“Compromising Positions”

2. The Hughleys, Buzz — 2000
“Lies My Valentine Told Me”

3. Space Cowboys, young pilot #2 — 2000

4. Kissing Jessica Stein, Charles — 2001

5. Providence, Burt Ridley — 2000-2001
various episodes

6. We Were Soldiers, Capt. Matt Dillion — 2002

7. Gilmore Girls, Peyton Sanders — 2002
“Eight O’clock At The Oasis”

8. The Division, Inspector Nate Basso — 2002-2004
various episodes

9. Charmed, Jack Brody — 2005
“Ordinary Witches”

10. Point Pleasant, Dr. George Forrester — 2005
“The Lonely Hunter,” “Who’s Your Daddy?”

11. CSI: Miami, Dr. Brent Kessler — 2005
“Payback,” “Three-way”

12. Numb3rs, Richard Clast — 2006

13. The Sarah Silverman Program, Cable Guy — 2007
“Muffin’ Man”

14. What About Brian, Richard Povich — 2006-2007
various episodes

15. The Unit, Wilson James — 2006-2007
various episodes

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