The 20 Best April Fool’s Day Pranks That Probably Won’t Make You A Terrible Person

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, so prepare for a barrage of stupid social media updates and cheesy corporate attempts at humor. We’ve previously recommended 25 pranks which weren’t completely terrible things done by awful human beings. Here are the 20 best April Fool’s Day pranks for this year, and the same ground rules apply:

We’re leaving out pranks that make people genuinely fear for their safety. We’re also avoiding pranks that could easily lead to an injury. No pranks that could do expensive damage to other people’s property. No pranks that cost people jobs or get people sued. No pranks that would take an unreasonable amount of time for someone to clean up. In other words, no sociopathic stuff. Just silliness. Because it’s April Fools’ Day, not “Prove You’re A Solipsist Dick” Day.

We’re not sure when April Fools’ Day turned into The Purge, but it’s time to nip that sh*t in the bud. With pepper spray, if necessary.

Twenty of our favorite “probably won’t get you punched in the larynx” April Fools’ pranks are collected below.

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“Get your orange juice ready!” – Rizzu7

Instructions here.

“Hey, do you want the rest of my shake? I’m full.” – flamingochicky

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“So I told my brothers I had made them ‘brownies’ – April Fools!” – maddionaire

“My buddy ran to his car so fast when I told him someone ‘slashed’ his tires.” – J_Baker58523

“Either someone at the office has a sense of humor… or we are sooooo f*cked”
mrpoopfeast420 (Cool name, bro.)

Somebody saw the previous picture and did their own version. [via]

“We got a new toaster at work today, People have been shouting all morning.” – Overlyattachedhubby

“My coworker has a phonetic alphabet cheat sheet for phone calls. He’s in for a surprise.” – funketobiasdr

A guy printed this document to get back at his loud neighbors with an unsecured wireless printer.

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“My friends made the mistake of asking me to watch their pets while they were out of town.” — Naptiva (More Nic Cage pranks available here and here.)