A Woman In A Convertible Caused A 40-Minute Traffic Stand-Off At A Single Lane Tunnel

In this video taken in Maidenhead, a town outside London, an elderly man failed to give way to a woman approaching him from the opposite way while going through a single lane tunnel under a bridge. Instead of doing the polite thing and just backing up to let the man through, the woman instead chose to stand her ground, completely ignoring the increasingly long line of cars jammed up behind her. This went on for 40 minutes.

That’s right, for 40 entire minutes, both drivers — her in a convertible, just blissfully ignoring the pleas of stranded motorists begging to get home to their children — refuse to budge. Where was law enforcement in all this? About 30 minutes in, a few official-looking fellows in reflective vests show up but even they are unable to make the woman move her car out of the way.

Can you imagine if this happened in America? If this lady would have been lucky enough to get out of this with no one pulling a gun on her, surely police would have forcibly and probably violently removed her from her vehicle. Either that or resourceful Americans would have used the knowledge they gained from watching Mentos commercials and just picked her car up and moved it out of the way for her. God bless the USA.

(Via Reddit)