4Chan And Reddit Worked Together To Get An iPad-Wielding A-hole Kicked Out Of His Gym

07.28.13 5 years ago 23 Comments

The kind of people who take their iPad to the gym deserve the level of comeuppance that 4Chan and Reddit gave to an asshole who took pictures of his fellow gym rats and taunted them on Facebook. I know being forced to watch ESPN’s HOT SPORTS TAKES WITH SKIP BAYLESS EXCLAMATION POINT can be maddening, but c’mon dude. According to the Daily Dot, “An iPad-wielding Australian man has been banned from his local gym after he covertly captured photos of patrons working out…The unidentified jerk from Queensland, the second-largest state in Australia, was kicked out after 4chan and Reddit users posted screengrabs of the man’s Facebook activity.”


iPad guy wrote, “Here we see the amazing chicken man…His 2% bodyfat is admired by bodybuilders and bulimic teenage girls alike.” It’s that kind of Chris Farley-saving classic comedy (he would have lost weight from all the laughing, you see) that got the man not only booted from the gym, but also cut off financially from his “mum,” just in case you were worried he wasn’t masking his own sadness by cruelly trolling others. On Facebook, responding to angry, justice-seeking strangers, he wrote, “No sh*t, it was a massive d*ck move but I accepted that after the guy who owns the gym told me this sort of thing is a serious issue and not only hinders the positive development of certain people but also harms the whole industry.” If only he could go back in time and make fun of Steve Jobs’ skinny frame. Maybe then the iPad never would have been invented, and one d-bag could still go to his gym.

(via Getty Image) (Via the Daily Dot)

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