4Chan Managed To Troll iPhone Users Once Again With The Introduction Of ‘Wave’

The fine folks over at 4Chan had a great time trolling iPhone users upon the release of IOS 7, convincing people that the new update would make their phone waterproof. It worked so well that folks thought they’d try it again with the release of IOS 8, only raising stakes a bit this time around.

Using the notion that wireless charging was a reality and could be used as a doorway into something interesting, many users on 4Chan pooled together to form an idea for microwave charging. That means you would use your microwave to charge your phone via micro processors embedded somewhere inside.

As you can see above, this idea turned into Wave. It’s a bit of genius that looks and feels like a true Apple feature, but is nothing but a sinister trick to get stupid people to fry their phones. A beautiful sinister trick.

Now it isn’t too clear if people actually tried the trick, but what is clear is that the media took it and ran to their fire alarms to warn people not to put their phone into their microwaves. I say that way because I’m not warning you about anything. Nothing can save the people who would believe this.

If you do a search, you’ll find countless articles warning people about the hoax and telling people that their phones won’t survive a trip through the microwave.


If the true goal was to put the media into a frenzy, then victory has been achieved. Laughs should always be the first goal, but throwing chum like this out there is always a good way to get everyone going. I will include us in that one because this article exists and can’t help it.

I still won’t tell you not to throw your phone into the microwave to charge it. Go for it. If you’re too dumb to know what’s going to happen, you missed this hoax the last time it made the rounds. It just didn’t have the nice presentation then.

(Via The Daily What / Metro / 4Chan)